Reiki Flows Into The Chakras

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Reiki is complementary energy medicine. Its assumption is that dis-ease is an imbalance of energy. The imbalance is from the air, meridians and chakras of the human body causing it to eventually become unhealthy. Reiki is your adoring universal life force that surrounds everything and everyone. Reiki practitioners channel it to stream throughout the seven chakras to help cure any dis-ease that might be present.

I shall describe understanding the third eye what the chakras of the human body are and the significance of every and every one. In Sanskrit, ‘chakra’ signifies a turning wheel of energy or vortex. Chakras behave as energy facilities. A central pillar of energy runs throughout the human body and joins the seven chakras. They transform information between the spiritual, psychological, physical and psychological levels of their human body. For example, in case there are psychological issues involving the heart, the difficulties can be transformed to heart disease by means of the heart. On the flip side, if there are feelings of forgiveness and unconditional love, the heart chakra transforms that energy into a healthy heart and circulation.

Each chakra has a variety, location, name and colour. Each is connected to a organ and system and is connected with a gland or glands. An affirmation may be used for every to assist cure issues of a specific chakra.

CHAKRAS amount, name, location; colour; organ/system; hormone (s); problems; confirmation: 1st) Root or Base chakra-located near the tailbone; colour is reddish; excretory systems and backbone; adrenal glands; difficulties are survival and grounding; confirmation “I’ve ”

2nd) Sacral chakra-located only under the navel; colour is orange; reproductive system; glands are testes and semen; difficulties are sexuality and imagination; affirmation “I believe ”

3rd) Solar Plexus chakra-located involving the base or the rib cage and navel; shade is yellowish; digestive tract; gland is pancreas; difficulty is personal energy; affirmation “I could “